We are a human-centered robotics company. Our mission is to make technical advances towards robots and humans working together side by side, with an emphasis on human-centric design. Diligent Droids is developing a suite of artificial intelligence that enables robots to collaborate with and adapt to humans in everyday environments.

Our service robots are designed to participate and work together with teams of humans. Our first product is a hospital service robot that can assist clinical staff with logistical tasks, allowing them to spend more of their time on direct patient care, improving patient satisfaction, quality of service, and safety.

About the Founders

Dr. Andrea Thomaz (CEO) has 15 years experience in research on social robots and machine learning conducted at UT Austin, Georgia Tech and MIT. She has been recognized as a leader in the field by the National Academy of Science as a Kavli fellow, by MIT Technology Review’s TR35, by Popular Science Magazine on their "Brilliant 10” list, and by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). 

Bill Donges (Managing Director) has a 35 year senior management career, with expertise in building, revitalizing and/or optimizing a company’s organizational infrastructure, products, technologies, processes, measurement systems and sales/marketing strategies to achieve results. Donges is recognized for moving under-performing businesses forward, developing new value propositions, and re-engineering growth in sales and earnings in existing businesses and starting new ones.